Genuine Gems Triangle Faceted Blue Topaz ring easter Sunday gift


Blue Topaz Genuine Gems supply Ring- 925 Silver Blue Blue Topaz Ring – Blue Topaz Ring, 925 Silver, Blue, home décor, Gems ring, good Friday gift, bohemian, great seller, Ring home décor, Blue Topaz Genuine Gems, Ring gift for good Friday **** Beca use these gems have a coating on the pavilion, they will appear different from the face vers us the bottom angles. The coating is semi-permanent – it can be damaged with harsh chemicals or ultrasonic cleaner. The catch 22 is, untreated topaz shouldn’t be handled with harsh chemicals or in an ultrasonic cleaner – so it is really about as permanent as any other topaz would be. Topaz is an affordable gem, and makes a great natural stone alternative to more expensive counterparts.